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Pre-production code and overall architecture recommendations. Get expert guidance right from the start, ensuring a solid security foundation for your project
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A combination of manual and automated auditing processes. Benefit from a comprehensive audit approach, ensuring maximum security and reliability
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A subscription-based service offering ongoing support. Rely on our continuous oversight and expertise at each phase of the process

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How Auditing Process Works

Next-Day Proposals

Thanks to our expertise and tools, we typically provide proposals within one business day

Deep Dive Review

Our team dives deep into your product's details, examining the code both manually and using proprietary automated techniques to ensure nothing is overlooked

Private Report

Once our review is complete, we share our findings exclusively with your team, ensuring confidentiality

Code Updates

Your team takes the lead at this stage, implementing the necessary fixes based on our private report

Review & Verification

We carry out a second review, ensuring that all vulnerabilities have been effectively addressed

Public Report Release

After receiving confirmation from all involved parties, we publish the report on our GitHub and share it across our social media channels
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Feedback from our clients


Our collaboration with Pessimistic since 2017 has been marked by a level of professionalism that’s hard to come by. Their work, especially in auditing our DeFi SDK smart contracts, consistently exceeds expectations and aligns closely with our business objectives. Their suggested solutions are not just effective but also tailored to our long-term goals.

Evgeny Yurtaev
CEO & co-founder at Zerion

Working with Pessimistic is seamless and enjoyable. Clear communication, timely deliverables, and unquestionable expertise. Highly recommended.

Mikhail Melnik
Lead Blockchain Developer at 1inch

We've had the pleasure of working with Pessimistic since 2021, and their integrity and consistency have truly impressed us.

Not only do they deliver on their promises, but they also maintain a high standard of work throughout the project.

It's a partnership we value and continue to interact with on a regular basis.

Dan Kaizer
Azuro Core-Contributor

Audit companies space can be pretty wild - there are loud names that provide sub-par services and there are ones that take ages to finalize the reports (delaying the product launch!)

After running through an extended search quest, we made the right decision to go with Pessimistic. Quality, responsiveness, vibe - everything was great. 

They walk an extra mile to make you confident everything is going to work as it should!

Ivan Kozlov
Resolv Labs Co-founder


How Does the Audit Report Look?

You can review examples of our Public Reports on GitHub. Additionally, during the audit process we first provide a private version of the report that is shared exclusively with you.

How Is the Cost of an Audit Estimated?

The cost of an audit is determined by the volume and complexity of the code you present. These factors directly influence the time needed for a comprehensive review.

Code that is well-prepared, thoroughly tested, and adequately commented often results in a more cost-effective audit.

For more details on how we estimate costs, you can check our Estimation Process.

What Happens If a Critical Vulnerability Is Found?

Should we identify a critical vulnerability during the audit, we will promptly notify you and provide actionable recommendations. While we offer guidance, the implementation of any code fixes is generally your team's responsibility.

How Long Does the Audit Take and When Can We Start?

While every project has its nuances, audit durations typically range from one week to a month. If you're on a tight schedule nearing a release date, our priority track allows us to begin work within a week of your inquiry.

The management team

15 experts, driven by blockchain innovation and security

Our Contributions to Blockchain Security

Open-Sourced Detectors
Pessimistic pioneered and keeps maintaining Slitherin, a set of essential vulnerability detectors. Built on the industry-standard framework Slither, it is a must-have for anyone serious about secure blockchain development
Security Monitoring System
We developed Spotter, a cutting-edge monitoring system that detects potential exploits in their early stages, often before they even reach the blockchain. Stay one step ahead of hackers with Spotter
Public Keynotes and research
We're not just about providing services; we're about advancing the field. We actively share our insights through research articles and public appearances, including keynotes at major events like ETH Barcelona, ETH Belgrade, and DeFi Security Summit

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